Launch of For-Hire Vehicles in India

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Qualities of a Good Taxi Car Service
January 26, 2019
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May 4, 2019

Launch of For-Hire Vehicles in India

Launch of For-Hire Vehicles in India

The transport sector in India has seen a tremendous change in the last 15 years. It was during this period, the for-hire vehicle responded to the evolution. The 20th century saw the domination of the taxi and for-hire vehicles. But it slowly lost its value and quality of service. It opened a new door for the private sector with innovative ideas to provide good service.

Let us look further at the fundamental phases of the FHV.

Phase 1: Street Hail

The first FHV was the street hail vehicles, and they continue to serve till date. They include the individually owned cars and autos that can easily be reached in particular stops or designations. It has now upgraded to the web or mobile service also.

Street Hail vehicles play an essential role in the Indian roadways. They provide transportation from point to point for a fixed price. Each state in India has different rules regarding the FHV which includes driver requirements, pricing mechanism, vehicle guidelines, and permit issue. It was introduced for the quality of the FHV and to provide better service to their customers. Today, it has been challenged by the applications. The apps easily allow the customers to view the review and ratings of the driver and decide accordingly.

Auto and taxi ruled for many years, and it became an important commute for the passengers. They provided excellent service to urbanites and connecting them to their designated destination without much hassle.
But with time and innovations, private vehicles gained importance for luxury and lower price. They charged great quality service, safety and charged much less. Hence, the street hail fell drastically resulting greatly in their income.

Phase 2: Dispatch Service

The commuters were greatly disappointed by the transportation service provided by the government and the private sector. Discontent customers opened new doors to create business opportunities. It also came with extra charm with mobile phones being cheap and used widely and popularly. The inventions of the app made it very convenient for the drivers to get in touch with their customers on the road while travelling. Many companies were created and became very successful too. It also provided opportunities for the unemployed.

It came with a great facility like the luxury, safety and can be booked anytime anywhere. It became popular overnight and many commuters preferred using this mode of transportation. It also came under government regulations to provide safety, security and standard approved rates. It didn’t affect a lot for the companies and still run at a very profitable strategy.

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