Role Of Digital Marketing In Taxi Services

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Launch of For-Hire Vehicles in India
March 20, 2019
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May 5, 2019

Role Of Digital Marketing In Taxi Services

Digital Marketing Helps Cab Business To Enhance Customers

How Digital Marketing Helped Cab Providers Leverage It’s Business

There are several cab services in India like Ola, Uber, etc. who are in high demand. These taxi services are online, and this is the main reason for its popularity. It is evident that the use of smartphones has increased in recent years. The use of gadgets by everyone has resulted in the boon in the taxi industry which serves on the demand basis. The apps developed for taxi services to make the booking is also the primary reason for the success of taxi services like Ola and Uber.

It is possible for these companies to offer cab services at auto rickshaw and this is due to the demand they hold in the market. Thus digital marketing strategies play a critical role in the success of top online taxi services.Popular Taxi Service have been working with a leading Digital Marketing Company In Chennai, and they have been ranking on top continuously with the help of their digital promotions.

In the past, these taxi services were said to take up only airport rides, and now they have entered the market. Mostly these taxi services are booked through the dedicated app developed for booking. It is said that nearly 65% of the taxi bookings are through mobiles and this percentage would increase in the future.

The taxis services like Ola and Uber have expanded their network even though they do not own any car or drivers of their own. They connect their customers with the drivers who are under their network. Technology plays a significant role in this type of taxi service. The taxi companies offer a commission to the car owners. Meru which was started earlier with its cars have begun to make use of independent cabs, and their growth rate has also improved.

What are the Primary Services Offered By Popular Taxi Companies?

There are two primary services offered by the popular taxi companies like Ola, Uber, Savaari, etc.Cab Services For Short Distance customers

One is the point to point travel that most of the people opt for in cities and long distance travel or outstation travel. Ola and Uber concentrate mainly on point to point or short distance travel whereas companies like Saavari, Mega Cabs, etc. concentrate mainly on outstation rides.The use of right technology by these taxi services can help to a greater extent and act as key differentiators.

These taxi services continue to invest in promoting their business in spite of their business. This is because of the heavy competition in this industry. Ola, Meru, Uber, and other taxi services have planned to increase its investment and establish its function in various other cities of the country. They are all set to improve their business. The greatest challenge faced by these companies is the availability of experienced and qualified drivers.

Thus digital marketing is a great boon which has improved taxi services in recent years. It is true that technology is the main reason for the success of the taxi services mentioned above services.

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