Things To Know About Hiring Car And Driver In India

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May 25, 2018
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A Perfect Guide For Renting Cars In India
July 20, 2018

Things To Know About Hiring Car And Driver In India

Things to Know About Hiring Taxi Driver in India

People who are new to India or people who travel to various places with their family would need a car for traveling to various locations. Car is one of the easy means of travel for most people. Everyone cannot own a car and thus it is a good idea to hire cars and drivers. There are several things that you must know when you hire a car. The following is a perfect guide for hiring cars and drivers in India.

Benefits Of Hiring Both Car and Driver

It is, of course, beneficial when you hire a car and driver at the same time. This is because you would feel comfortable as you would be new to a place. Driving in a new city is not that easy. Your travel would be flexible, and you can stop at places of interest suggested by your driver. There are cars available for rent for self-driving. But it is not highly recommended in the Indian roads. Thus when you wish to explore different places in a particular area, then it would be a great idea to hire both the car and driver.

Cost Of Hiring Cars And Drivers

The price of hiring cars depends mainly on the type of car and the number of kilometers you travel. The cost may vary based on the languages known by the driver, the company or the state at which you hire a car. The following is an average estimate for hiring cars and drivers. Mainly the cost is decided by the size of the car you hire.

Small cars like Tata Indica would charge nearly Rs.10 per kilometer. It is a modern car, and it is, of course, cheap for family travel in this taxi. Near four people can accommodate in the car. The next is the medium sized cars like Toyota SUV, Mahindra Xylo, and several others. This would cost about Rs.13 per kilometer. This car can accommodate nearly six people, and thus it is suitable for a large family.

The next type of vehicle that you can hire is the tempo traveler which is considerably bigger than cars. The cost would be Rs.18 per kilometer, and it looks like a minibus. More than ten people can travel in a tempo traveler.

Where To Hire Cars?

There are various private car rental companies where you can hire a car with a driver. Tour companies, hotels, etc. would also arrange you cars for reasonable costs.The above are some of the things that you should know about hiring cars and drivers in India.

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