What Are The Changes In Taxi Industry For 2018?

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May 5, 2018
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June 10, 2018

What Are The Changes In Taxi Industry For 2018?

The Taxi industry has seen a significant overhaul in the way it has been working. All this due to big companies making taxi-hailing comfortable, convenient and cost-effective. The apps for hailing a taxi is a masterstroke these operators put to good effect. The question now is how will the local taxi services stay alive in this competitive market and what other changes will the big taxi operators make in 2018 to further take the business away from local taxis. Find out more below.

Self-driven cars: The taxi-operators will further dominate this industry, and self-driven cars will be the future. It will take at least some years for self-driven vehicles to become a reality for an average person, but it is not very far. These automated cars without drivers are not yet on the roads, but testing is in full swing. These AI-driven cars will be disturbing the business of both local taxis as well as taxi-hailing operators, and it is to be seen how they will counter this advancement.

Air-taxis: Air taxi was considered only for medical emergencies or used by wealthy business magnets. But with traffic at its peak on the roads leading to congested streets, people are more than happy to use any mode of transportation which will cut down travel time. The taxi-hailing operators have quickly seed this customer sentiment and have started using the technology to its advantage and have introduced air taxis. These flying cars have been tested successfully, and Airbus will be flying the CityBus soon this year. These air taxis can have four travelers and will help people travel to airports, train stations, etc. The future of air taxis is that it will be AI driven and not by pilots.

Taxi management software: Applications like the taxi management software will help taxi companies to streamline and regulate the processes and thereby enhance the productivity. These applications not only assist in booking but also to calculate fares, payments, locate passengers, etc. You can also have Attendance Management Software where you can monitor the cabs attendance through biometric devices. You can get a detailed report on the arrival, departure, and absence of all cab from service. Due to the availability of such software taxi-hailing operators are looking at buying the best cars to provide better comfort and convenience to its customers and car makers are more than happy to oblige with newer models, refer https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/specials/auto-focus/why-indias-carmakers-are-hailing-the-cab-revolution/article9587901.ece.

The writing’s on the wall for the local operators as the taxi users preferences have changed. They are more technologically advanced and want to use them for their convenience. With taxi-hailing operators using the latest advancements to its advantages, the local taxis are looking at a dark future. The taxi-hailing operators have lured local operators into joining them, and many have opted to work for them instead of fighting them. The only way for the local taxis to survive is through the adoption of technology and give the best customer service possible.

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