Women Cab Drivers for Women Passengers

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Women Cab Drivers for Women Passengers

Women are good drivers. Yes, you read it right. They are great drivers who strictly follow the rules, regulations and safety measures in the road network.

Why should Cab Providers employ more women drivers?

India has seen the rising of women cab drivers as the safety measures for women Passengers and women’s empowerment. It is a solution for safe transport to women in the city travelling at odd hours. Witnessing women cab drivers is a dream come true for many female passengers. They have broken the gender barrier and is supported and welcomed worldwide.

Women cab drivers is a way for employment for the females dominated by male society. The women drivers are nicely trained for months and also tutored in self-defence and car mechanism. It is a way for them to be independent and strong.

The safety of female drivers is a significant concern. So they are hugely tutored in self-defence. Travelling in wee hours, they must be strong and bold not only in protecting themselves but also their female Passengers. Apart from self-defence, their cars are provided with safety features like the SOS Switch and GPRS tracking system in case of any unwanted circumstances.

The women drivers must be well versed in many languages and should be confident in the city or local routes. They must be educated to be bold and robust in any situations and must handle it with ease. Let us look at some of the qualities of the women cab drivers.

  • The women cab driver must be very confident and should believe in her abilities.
  • She should be honest, respectful and straight forward and must set boundaries.
  • Women are weak in handling emotions. It is sometimes okay to get burned or stressed out but should know the importance of how to act and handle such situations.
  • She should be patient handling different types of customers and must always be in best behaviour.
  • Women driver must be professional and courteous all the time and should be well dressed and representable. Avoid heavy makeup or being inappropriately dressed.

The initiative was started as an experiment for women cab service. It got highly appreciated by the public and women from all over the world welcomed with open arms. It is an excellent advantage for solo female travellers and women groups travelling late at night. They are now felt more secure and safe and does not have to be dependent on any Male.It has provided a secured transport and job opportunity for women worldwide.

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