An Overview Of India’s First Electric Taxi

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May 5, 2019
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An Overview Of India’s First Electric Taxi

India's First Electric Taxi Service

The below information about the electric taxi launched by Gensol Mobility Monday was shared by a working professional from , a popular dealer of Hyundai cars.

BLU-SMART Launches EV taxi fleet in Delhi-NCR

Taxi services are becoming popular in recent years as people prefer to travel in cabs and book taxis based on theirBLU-SMART - New venture which was launched by a company called Gensol Mobility Monday preference. Electric taxi also called as BLU-SMART is a new venture which was launched by a company called Gensol Mobility Monday. Electric taxi service was launched for the first time in the city of Delhi. The company started this service with only 40 cars and would increase the cars to about 400 vehicles by the month of March 2019. Gensol mobility Monday is in serious talks with several popular automobile companies including Tata, Mahindra, Nissan, etc. for the procurement of EVs. The company has also invested about Rs.50 crore for creating charging infrastructures in various parts of Delhi.

BLU- SMART –  tie up with many companies to run electric cabs in Delhi

The company is under negotiations with various top companies like Tata Motors, Mahindra, etc. to get orders for EVs. We are also into talks to bring the Nissan Company under our platform. There is some good news for the people of Delhi that there was no price hike with this electric taxi for peak hours. Thus BLU-SMART would be a substantial competitor for other taxi services in Delhi as they charge Rs.14-16 per km during peak hours. The company has also decided to start with online booking very soon and introduce the app for booking with this electric taxi service.

The BLU-SMART project is launched with an investment of Rs.50 crore and has set up nearly 65 stations and about 20 charging points. One of the most significant challenges of this business venture would be charging the cars at Electric Taxi Serivices in Indiavarious places. This can be addressed by setting up more number of charging centers in and around the city of Delhi. It is essential that this car service catch the market by winning the hearts of the people of Delhi through its services.

The competitive prices charged by BLU-SMART can help them in the long run.The main objective of this BLU-SMART venture is to offer to create a pollution free environment to the people of Delhi. This comes at the right time where Delhi is facing tough times concerning air pollution. The most severe issue is air pollution, and it is mainly due to the increase in the number of vehicles.

The Delhi government is working on several measures to reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Private companies like Gensol Mobility have also taken some steps to take part in the Go Green movement. The company makes sure that we do not wish to be a competitor to other cab services but only wanted to offer an alternative service which can do something useful to the environment.

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