How Good Customer Relationship Management Can Change A Business

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Role Of Digital Marketing In Taxi Services
May 4, 2019
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How Good Customer Relationship Management Can Change A Business

CRM Helps To Boost our Business Growth

Grow your Cab Business Using the Most Flexible CRM Software

CRM has been in the news a lot lately. Stories of how the technology is allowing companies to race ahead with better insight on business, smarter processes and quality service abound. We spoke to

Mr. Kenedy, a Salesforce Architect & Consultant, who working was with Salesforce in Singapore as Program Architect. Presently working with, he gave us an example of CarTrawler to prove that CRM can drastically improve a business.

Customer Relationship Managemnt For Your BusinessA technology platform, CarTrawler gives people the opportunity to reach their destination by connecting them with rentals, private transfers, and trains. They have helped over 10 million travellers. How did they do it? By utilising a CRM called Service Cloud. The company had already taken the world by storm, so much so, that it had featured in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards. But the Director of Operations, recognise that exceptional service is mandatory to create any future growth.

David Webb knew that the core of CarTrawler was the customer and it is an experience that can make the company stand out and beat the competition. He understood that the market was commoditised and to be cutting edge a more personalised experience will be needed by the consumer. To this end, they established the Customer Centre of Excellence (CCE). An in-house department, it was meant to ensure that each customer got the same level of service.

The CCE team utilised Service Cloud to offer customers every support possible at every touchpoint of their journey. The salesforce application was deployed in three months and when it went live it had 200 employees. They choose Service Cloud because it was leading the market and implementing it didn’t take too much effort.

In 14 weeks, Car Trawler crossed the:

  • Discovery process
  • Two Agile sprints
  • User acceptance testing
  • And final deployment

What are the Services provided to their customers ?

  • Answer general enquiries
  • Queries over point of pick-up or elsewhere

No matter at what stage of the journey the customer was Service Cloud could help them. On the employee front, the Salesforce tool helped:

  • Automate workflows
  • Customise interfaceImage That Explains The List of Cloud Services
  • Make case management intuitive
  • Make the processes more efficient

Service Cloud was able to transform the business of CarTrawler on two fronts: agents and customers. They were able to give a smarter response (what customer wants) and a faster one (what employees want). They shared some metric to provide proof of the change Salesforce’s module was able to create:

  • a 17% increase in CCE agent productivity
  • a 22% reduction in average case age
  • Agent quality scores up at 85%, which is a 5% improvement from before Service Cloud was implemented.

The story proves that when implemented correctly CRM can lead to improved team collaboration, more significant business analysis and productive processes. If that is not enough, CRM can also provide feedback and reviews on areas that need improvement and make the company better. The gist is not to wait and get a CRM system right now!

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